SIRGAS Workshop 2017 RT

The Real-Time GNSS Positioning Workshop will have a maximum of 40 attendees

This training is mainly aimed at professionals responsible for the installation and management of continuous GNSS networks, offering or intending to offer real-time positioning services. Likewise, it is also aimed at users and potential users of the products they generate.

A pre-registration will be made to the Workshop. The selection of assistants will be in charge of the SIRGAS Executive Committee. Participants in the workshop should have knowledge of networks of permanent GNSS stations, preferably active networks and have participated in any of the previous SIRGAS Schools or GNSS courses.

Note: General training on GNSS will not be provided at this workshop.

The pre-registration to the workshop will be done by completing the corresponding  PRE-REGISTRATION FORM TO SIRGAS WORKSHOP 2017 RT 

Deadline for pre-registration: August 10

For inquiries about the SIRGAS Real Time Workshop please contact the mail:

The communication to the selected participants for the RT Workshop will be made by e-mail before September 10, 2017 Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. Desarrollado por CICUNC | Login